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Caroline Logsdail (Graduate of MA in Integrative Child Psychotherapy)

"My first year at The Institute has been an extraordinary and wonderful experience. Like Alice, I chose to follow the rabbit down the hole of learning. I went with unconditional curiosity into the unknown and discovered a Wonderland. Together with my peers, I have been given permission to play, learn and to be authentic. It has been inspirational, creative, challenging, confronting, exhausting and exhilarating. I have loved every moment. With this training, not only have I gained insight into my own sense of self but I have also expanded my love of the Arts. I look forward to completing the training and using this experience to work successfully with children."

Clive Bowring (Graduate of MA in Integrative Child Psychotherapy)

"To be a student at IATE is to experience a whole new world of emotional expression; unlocking the dormant potential that exists within. Learning the language of movement and the Arts, to spontaneously express the emotional wealth held inside and to begin the process of finding the real me, is a life changing experience to be cherished. It’s not to be missed."

Britto Belevendren (Graduate of MA in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy)

"Intensely experiential and life transforming, the course has enabled me to move from cerebral to emotional. Having been long an academic person this experience has allowed me to get in touch with myself as I explore new pathways in discovering a language that is intensely cultural and truly spiritual. Coming from India and having worked with people from the rural areas I have always been convinced that the arts have a powerfully transformative potential. The course has helped me to acquire skills that I will be able to take back to the people to explore true realms of liberation."

Aileen Webber (Graduate of MA in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy)

"I remember thinking on the Taster day 'this feels like an enchanted place', and indeed it is! Training to be a psychotherapist is like learning to become more fully yourself and that is an exciting, terrifying, impossible and wonderful journey in itself. IATE provides creativity, imagination, fun and the Arts; leading you gently and firmly deeper into yourself, while at the same time challenging you intellectually. Everyday at IATE brings a myriad of experiences that stay forever. What IATE has given me I feel privileged to share."