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Diploma in Trauma and Mental health Informed schools and Communities (10 day internal award).

Certificate in Trauma and Mental Health Informed Schools and Communities – University of East London validated course: Level 5. 20 credits (12 Day).

(students are not eligible to receive both awards)


June 2020: Online live streaming tutor led training (weekdays)

(After lockdown is lifted this course will still remain online. Breakout rooms and multiple tutors allows for small group work, experiential work and supervision)

Days 1&2 2nd/3rd June

Days 3&4 6th/7th July

Days 5&6 14th/15th Sep

Days 7&8 15th/16th Oct

Days 9&10 16th/17th Nov

Days 11&12 7th/8th Jan (University Route Only)


September 2020: Online live streaming tutor led training (weekends)

Days 1&2 19th/20th Sep

Days 3&4 17th/18th Oct

Days 5&6 14th/15th Nov

Days 7&8 12th/13th Dec

Days 9&10 16th/17th Jan

Days 11&12 6th/7th Feb (University Route Only)


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