Helping Teenagers to Talk about their Feelings.

This book aims to empower people to have thoughtful, reflective conversations with teenagers about their life experiences. The book is full of tools and techniques for what to say and how to be when talking to teenagers, underpinned by the latest research, psychology and neuroscience in adolescent development.

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The pictorial easy to do exercises are designed to help teenagers to develop a far greater level of self- awareness, understanding of their life, and improved self- esteem. They address key feelings, issues and concerns common to teenagers, enabling adults to talk with teenagers in a confident, non-embarrassing and effective way. The book also offers a vital assessment tool, 'The Teenager Well-Being Profile'.

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  • Publisher: Speechmark Publishing (20 Jun 2012)
  • ISBN-10:: 0863889085
  • ISBN-13:: 978-0863889080