Fun clownThe Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education adheres to the Equal Opportunities Policy of both the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and European Association for Psychotherapeutic Counselling. The Institute recognises and values diversity and difference and is actively working to ensure that its work is non-discriminatory in nature.

The Institute recognises that it exists in a community rich in diversity and difference and that direct and indirect discrimination against these differences exists in society and adversely affects individuals and groups. The Institute therefore accepts an obligation to ensure that its own services do not exclude or discriminate against individuals or groups on criteria other than suitability. The Institute is committed to pursuing a positive strategy that goes beyond an undertaking not to discriminate or oppress. The Institute recognises its sphere of influence and seeks to offer positive contribution to the debate on therapy and equality.

The Institute is opposed to any display of prejudice, either by word or conduct, by any of its officers or elected representatives. The Institute seeks to develop its research role and to encourage a greater awareness and knowledge of equal opportunities issues and specifically of anti-oppressive practice in psychotherapy and therapeutic counselling.