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UPCOMING CONFERENCES at The Centre for Child Mental Health

conferences: £87, half-day lectures: £37.50, training days: £75

Sat 18 February 2017 (10.00-16.30). Cost £174

THERAPEUTIC CONVERSATIONS TO CHANGE CHILDREN’S LIVES: (age 4 to late teens) with award-winning author and expert Dr Margot Sunderlanded


When faced with a child’s pain and suffering it can be difficult to know how to respond. How do you avoid being patronising, crass, dismissive? How do you stop yourself giving an unhelpful lecture or moving into misplaced optimism, opening up a can of worms and generally making things worse?

This topic based day will give child professionals and parents alike a wealth of resources to empower them to respond in ways that really help, leaving the child/teenager feeling deeply understood and supported. Moreover, as a result of repeated meaningful conversations like this, children and teenagers can then develop the capacity to reflect on things themselves (rather than just react), and in so doing successfully work through whatever life throws at them. This way they can go on to thrive, rather than growing up with the blight of mental ill-health. If we don’t help children through therapeutic conversations, we will continue to see the epidemic levels of mental ill-health and human misery in society today.

Benefits from attending this conference

Become more confident in addressing difficult subjects
Take away a wealth of skills for talking about the child’s or teenager’s experiences of trauma or loss
Feel far more skilled in what to say, how to attune and empathise so that the child or teenager feels understood and connected to
Understand ways of not taking things personally when the going gets tough but to stay reflective rather than reactive under stress

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Sat 11 March 2017 (10.00-16.30). Cost £174



Effective evidence-based methods of prevention and intervention are the key focus of this conference. With the advances in psychology, child development theory and neuroscience there are now some very exciting initiatives showing that out of control children can develop regulatory capacities, emotional and social intelligence and go on to lead fulfilling lives. Furthermore, the presenters will consider what is fueling the child’s behaviour with particular focus on relational experiences. They will consider behaviour as ‘communication by impact’ (Patrick Casement), i.e. the child wanting us to feel what they are feeling; and when behaviour is the child’s ‘language for feelings’ (Jay Vaughan) because no one has helped them to find a better language. Most importantly, presenters will offer practical ways of working with out of control children based on a wealth of their own clinical experience and the latest neurobiological and psychological research..

Benefits from attending this conference 

Understand the dynamics of challenging behaviour
Gain key psychological knowledge to support you in your work with troubled children
Be empowered to form meaningful connections with, and make effective responses to, challenging children
Hear inspirational case examples of transforming challenging children
Learn ways of enabling challenging children to use their intensity creatively
Recognise when troubled behaviour may be trauma based, and know what to do
Learn simple, practical interventions to avoid power struggles
Enable children to reflect on their feelings rather than defend or discharge

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