Catherine Vase

Catherine Vase
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General Public
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Psychotherapy, Counselling
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UKCP (Child register)
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Integrative Child Psychotherapy (MA)


Does your child need some extra support?

From time to time, just like adults, children and adolescents also face challenges in their lives. If they are having ongoing trouble with behaviour or mood, then a child psychotherapist is a good person to talk to.

I am an integrative child and adolescent psychotherapist registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). I work with clients to support them through difficult life experiences, helping them make sense of feelings, heal, transform and build healthy relationships with others.

I recognise that every child or young person is unique, with different factors contributing to their difficulties, emotions and behaviours. This is why I treat every child as an individual and tailor their therapy to their specific needs, and create a safe space for the child to be understood and have their concerns addressed.

I often find it useful to work with parents and caregivers as well. Working together to understand the underlying issues to a child’s presenting difficulties can help the whole family. Regular meetings with parents and caregivers is part of the work; an opportunity to see how the work is progressing. I also offer parenting support.

At the centre of my work is the development of a trusting therapeutic relationship with the child or adolescent, based on empathy, acceptance and curiosity. I have a highly creative and vibrant relationship with imagination, play and the arts and understand the importance of warmth and humour when working with children. My integrative practice draws upon psychodynamic, attachment theory, object relations, humanistic models and neuroscience. I have found that these elements help me to consider a child’s emotional distress in a holistic way and support the therapeutic process, helping my clients to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a safe and contained way.

Common reasons for seeking a child psychotherapist include:

Feeling angry • temper tantrums • feeling sad or depressed • anxiety • panic attacks • self-harm • low self-esteem • facing trauma • communication problems • feeling lonely • social exclusion • issues linked with the Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) or Special Educational Needs (SEN) • family break-ups • bereavement/ losing someone • sleeping difficulties • bed-wetting • eating and food-related problems • being bullied • feelings of emptiness • feeling overwhelmed • feeling out of control • physical/emotional/sexual abuse • feeling different • identity issues

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